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    Are my products fresh? (Meat, Fresh fruits & Vegetables, expired products)

    A.  Meat & Fish:

    Tender meat and fresh fish is procured on a daily from trusted suppliers. It’s prepared to order & packed by us. Freshness is utmost priority for us. Our stocks are always of the current date.

    B.  Fruits & Vegetables:

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are carefully selected from the main markets of Dubai daily. It’s fresh & of the best quality guaranteed. To receive the best quality of fresh produce, it’s always advisable to place your orders in the morning.

    C.  Expired products:

    We do not keep or supply expired products in our stores. If in the rarest of cases, you ever receive any expired products, kindly inform us immediately. We will replace the item instantly.

    C.  Stock Availability:

    We always try to keep our stocks All items shown on the site


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